Friday, September 30, 2011

My most exciting custom project...

It is finally here!!! My very own custom hand mirror:). This is a dream come true since the moment I received control of product development for Mirabella. I wrote a post awhile back the day I received the first sample of the mirror. I am so excited to say that it finally debuted at the fall trade shows and received amazing feedback. Here are a few pics...

This is my first and most exciting completely custom idea come to life! Almost 1-1/2 years ago, I challenged my new rep at HCT Packaging to present me with some custom ideas rather than stock (which is available to all companies). HCT Packaging is the leader in cosmetic packaging for innovation and is credited with fantastic designs such as the Urban Decay pop up eyeshadow palettes and all of MAC's custom packaging, plus many more.

From this challenge, HCT really went above and beyond to push the limits with their factories. This gorgeous mirror really shows fantastic metal work...something that HCT is very excited to promote. I can't wait to have an HCT press release featuring this mirror sent to all cosmetic companies that they work with. I feel like I have finally made it:).

Why everyone MUST have this mirror? My favorite design elements are:

1. I insisted that there be two-tones of silver...brushed and shiny, to really create dimension on the back of the mirror.
2. The logo is debossed (etched in) to the back of the mirror which ensures that it will not rub off. This was very difficult since our logo type is so skinny and precise. HCT did an amazing job making this happen. It was a deal breaker for me.
3. The ribbon handle gives a romantic twist to an otherwise modern design. The design really captures the Mirabella brand. Thank you, Chris Tarling!
4. The weight of the mirror makes it feel super exclusive when you hold it. You wouldn't think that weight is that important...but it really adds to the overall prestige design.

I absolutely LOVE holding this mirror when I am getting ready...and I know you will too! Check out the Mirabella website. Next week, you will be able to get a discount on the hand mirror when you purchase fabulous Mirabella products. Stock up on your favorites and don't forget to grab this mirror while supplies last. Enjoy!

Graphic Liner - Spring 2012 Trend from Fashion Week

This week I have been immersed in planning for our first big media launch to the National Beauty Editors that is scheduled on Oct. 17th at the prestigious Antonio Prieto salon in NYC.


So much planning to be done...the point of this launch is to introduce the Editors to the Mirabella brand and take them through our next product launches. I literally have to get up and talk about the history and highlights of Mirabella. I'm totally nervous...eek! Seriously. I feel like I have to pump myself up to actually get through all of these nerve racking yet thrilling opportunities. So, I will be making 5 presentations to groups of Beauty Editors throughout the day...and then, that night we will be hosting an event for the top beauty bloggers.

And this is where my creative juices start flowing. We will be traveling with four of our top makeup artists (Natalie Sparrow, Brian C. Hawkins, Lisa Hickerson, and April Genshaw) who will be on site to create fabulous custom looks for both events. For the bloggers, we decided to create mood banners showing three hot runway trends. One of the trends that I totally love is graphic liner. This is going to be so hot for spring 2012!! We found this awesome picture from The Blonds runway show. LOVE it!


I immediately wondered how easy this would be to recreate the look. Would it actually be totally scary or really fun? So this morning I took my time getting ready and tried it out. Here are a couple of pics...

Thank you to Mirabella's Magic Marker Eyeliner, I was able to get this graphic look. Marker pens are the latest cosmetic technology for liquid liner. I tried this technology for the first time over 6 years ago. At first, the marker pens dried out too quickly. But, I can now confidently say that all issues have been worked out development wise...AND I cannot believe it took so long to reinvent the difficult liquid liner. Now everyone can get the precise lines that liquid liner is known for...and you can avoid flaking, skipping, and shaky lines by using these new pens. It is a new staple in my cosmetic bag!!

For this particular look, I started with Smoke Eye Definer pencil to lightly mark the areas that I wanted to have the graphic liner. The pencil was much more forgiving and provided a great guideline when I actually worked with the marker.

Would I do this look everyday??? Probably not. But it sure was fun to experiment and would be great for a special night out with the girls. Not sure that you can pull it off? Check out InStyle's spotlight on graphic liner that features much more wearable looks.

Meet Josephine...

Oh my gosh!! I just arrived at work to the most fun surprise I've had since Christy decorated our offices as Jabot Cosmetics from Young and the Restless over six years ago. Tiffany Coffey (Accts. Payable at Mirabella) totally decorated my dress form for Halloween:). I LOVE IT!! Thank you, Tiffany. I needed a pick me up:). Can't stop smiling...

Meet Josephine..

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ginnifer Goodwin

So, I came across this cool pic of Ginnifer Goodwin and I am totally digging her use of bold color on the eyes! Such a great combination with her green shirt (which I probably never would have put together BTW). It totally fits her spunky hair style and color.

I immediately wanted to try the look on myself. So an hour and 20 pictures later, I finally took a photo that I could post and not cringe:). This is a such a new departure for me to be on videos and posting my photo is taking me a bit to adjust. Plus, it is difficult to take photos of yourself. Thank you to the iPhone 4 that has the dual that phone:). Anyway...this is how it turned out.

Get the look with Mirabella's Haute and Kristique Eye Colours, Pure Finish Illuminate, Glowing Blush Colour Duo, Shy Lip Lustre Liner, and Allure Colour Shine lip gloss.

It was totally fun to try something new...but I am wishing I had brown eyes and cute spiky hair to complete the look (at least for today that is).

Be bold...try something new! I want to see your pic!!!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Hey, there! The past week I have been working on a huge project for our fall classes that are being taught by our lovely educators at trade shows and in stores nationwide. Suffice it to say that I thoroughly combed through the September issue of every fashion/beauty magazine on the rack! HUGE much advertising is totally crazy!!! Throughout my search, two different ad campaigns really caught my eye. And I wanted to share them with you:). First, St. John created a FANTASTIC ad campaign with Kate Winslet. It totally speaks to me...

I love the extra touch at the bottom "Starring Kate Winslet". Perfect. And finally...this Chanel bag is a total LUST for me! I want it!! Ha..ha!

Needless to say...I totally stopped in my hunt when I saw both ads! So classy! What say you? Do you agree with me?

Monday, September 12, 2011

NYFW - Spring 2012 Ivana Helsinki

Ivana Helsinki was definitely a different experience than Anne Bowen. It was higher stress with more action backstage...which is always exciting!! The makeup look was definitely not for every intense tribal theme with black paint on the brows and under the eyes. The designer really wanted to dip the models hands in black paint for the show...and you could tell Brian C. Hawkins had some misgivings about how this would actually work and play out. In the end, you have to conform to the each model dipped their hands in the paint right before they came out on the runway. What a mess!! I can see that it added dramatic effect to the show. The entire venue was white floors and the black paint dripped all over the floor as the models came down the runway. Watch your shoes! Kandee Johnson's boots got a couple of splatters during the show. The black paint drops would then smear across the floor as the other models walked through the paint. The poor cleaning crew:(. Not to mention that several models smeared that awful black paint all over the beautiful clothes. Brian knew this could be a problem, but the designer totally insisted. Wow! It was crazy. Catch the recap video below...

When I first arrived backstage, Brian Hawkins was working on the one and only Jessica White (a Maybelline spokesperson and revered supermodel)!! She was STUNNING! And, it was so fun to hear her tell us about her career. She closed the show and you could tell that she was a higher caliber of model all of the way. Her walk was hands down the best...just the right amount of attitude!

Day 2 - New York Fashion Week

We started day 2 of our NYC Fashion Week trip pounding the pavement!! Kandee Johnson, Jamie Richards and I headed out to enjoy the city. My favorite part was standing in Times Square...there is a certain trash can that you can stand by and be seen on the screen up above you. It was funny because you feel like a total idiot at first, but then it becomes so much fun. A guy will wave back at you and the screen will totally zoom in on you if you stay there long enough! We stopped and bought t-shirts for Kandee to sign as giveaway prizes...I swear, she is like a magnet for people. Everyone gravitates toward her. It is a true gift and I loved seeing it in action. Of course, you cannot be in NYC without visiting Magnolia Bakery. We took a break to discuss our thoughts on the Anne Bowen show and stuff our faces with delicious red velvet cupcakes. SO MUCH FUN!!...You can catch some footage of our city tour below:).

Fashion's Night Out

Oh WOW! Fashion's Night Out was so so so much fun!!! Jamie Richards and I hit 5th Avenue in NYC on September 8th to take in the sights and sounds of Fashion's Night Out. Such energy!! It seemed every store had something going on...most especially loud music. We first headed to Saks 5th Avenue and the cosmetic department on the 1st floor was hopping! It was so fun to see everyone getting makeup touch-ups. Such a crowd...Jamie even spotted Naomi Campbell. She was gorgeous!!! I swear she was like a foot taller than everyone there.

We headed to the women's section and there were several activities going on there. We chose to park ourselves in line at the Rebecca Minkoff braid bar. They were weaving leather into fantabulous braids. We waited what seemed like FOREVER (my feet were so hurt after such a long day)!!! In the end, we decided we were much more inclined to spend time on 5th Ave than stuck in line. Lesson #1: Go early to Fashion's Night Out!!! Especially if you actually want to get a service that is being offered.

So we gave up our spot and headed back out on the streets. My sore feet became my sole focus and I had to find comfortable shoes and FAST! Lesson #2: Do not wear any sort of heel to Fashion's Night Out and then stand in a line forever! I finally found some flip flops at GAP. Thank goodness. My mood improved immediately once those flip flops were on my feet. From there we took in several cool sights. Drake, the rapper, was out in front of Versace. As we were trying to get closer to see him in the crowd, we ended up by the store windows. All of sudden we realized there were live models in the window!! It was so cool!

Loved every minute of it! I really hope I get another chance to go again sometime:).

Day 1 - NYC Fashion Week

Oh my gosh! What a whirlwind today has been. So much fun here in NYC at Fashion Week. We started the day meeting Kandee Johnson over a lovely breakfast at Norma's, a fantastic restaurant in the Parker Meridian Hotel. Her crispy french toast was as big as her head!...I swear. Not to mention fresh squeezed orange juice and shots of smoothie. Norma's is a MUST if you happen go there the next time you are in NYC!!
Photo credit:

Next, we hit the streets to film the following video intro before the Anne Bowen show. I felt so funny being all dressed up with a camera guy following me. Videos always stress me out!!! I do not like to be in the spotlight...but somehow I keep getting roped into these video clips. I swear I have to do 1,000 takes just to get something usable.

Next was the Anne Bowen show. I finally got to meet Brian C. Hawkins, an amazingly talented Mirabella Makeup Artist. We have had so many phone conversations, so it was a pleasure to finally meet him face-to-face. The makeup team he put together was fantastic!! I loved talking with them to get their input into how our cosmetics were performing backstage. Big sigh...when the feedback came back positive:). I put so much time and energy into each product that a positive review always feels really nice!

And I specifically LOVED the makeup look Brian created for Anne Bowen. They used such an unusual combination...and I am someone that loves unusual combinations:-). The team smoked out the eye starting with Bark Eye Colour which is a great deep brown. The interesting part was that they used Ultraviolet Eye Colour to create dimension. In a million years, I would have never thought to use those two shades together!! Ultraviolet is my FAVORITE shade, so now that I can use it to create a smoky eye...just makes it even better! A little blending with Sienna and then Gilded was applied under the brow. SO BEAUTIFUL. And the great thing is that everyone can really actually wear this look.

Anne Bowen's show was so much fun! BEAUTIFUL dresses. It is amazing that so much work goes into something that really only lasts 6-10 minutes! Wow. It all happens so quickly. Check out the video with a recap of our experience at the show.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm here! NYC Fashion Week...

I am minutes away from meeting with Kandee Johnson, one of my favorite beauty bloggers, and we are going backstage at the Anne Bowen show at NY Fashion Week!!! I have been waiting for the opportunity to be at NY Fashion Week and it is finally here:). Mirabella is the official makeup sponsor for Anne Bowen and the wonderful Brian C. Hawkins will be leading the makeup artists to create fabulous makeup. Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for behind-the-scenes footage at the show!