Friday, September 30, 2011

Graphic Liner - Spring 2012 Trend from Fashion Week

This week I have been immersed in planning for our first big media launch to the National Beauty Editors that is scheduled on Oct. 17th at the prestigious Antonio Prieto salon in NYC.


So much planning to be done...the point of this launch is to introduce the Editors to the Mirabella brand and take them through our next product launches. I literally have to get up and talk about the history and highlights of Mirabella. I'm totally nervous...eek! Seriously. I feel like I have to pump myself up to actually get through all of these nerve racking yet thrilling opportunities. So, I will be making 5 presentations to groups of Beauty Editors throughout the day...and then, that night we will be hosting an event for the top beauty bloggers.

And this is where my creative juices start flowing. We will be traveling with four of our top makeup artists (Natalie Sparrow, Brian C. Hawkins, Lisa Hickerson, and April Genshaw) who will be on site to create fabulous custom looks for both events. For the bloggers, we decided to create mood banners showing three hot runway trends. One of the trends that I totally love is graphic liner. This is going to be so hot for spring 2012!! We found this awesome picture from The Blonds runway show. LOVE it!


I immediately wondered how easy this would be to recreate the look. Would it actually be totally scary or really fun? So this morning I took my time getting ready and tried it out. Here are a couple of pics...

Thank you to Mirabella's Magic Marker Eyeliner, I was able to get this graphic look. Marker pens are the latest cosmetic technology for liquid liner. I tried this technology for the first time over 6 years ago. At first, the marker pens dried out too quickly. But, I can now confidently say that all issues have been worked out development wise...AND I cannot believe it took so long to reinvent the difficult liquid liner. Now everyone can get the precise lines that liquid liner is known for...and you can avoid flaking, skipping, and shaky lines by using these new pens. It is a new staple in my cosmetic bag!!

For this particular look, I started with Smoke Eye Definer pencil to lightly mark the areas that I wanted to have the graphic liner. The pencil was much more forgiving and provided a great guideline when I actually worked with the marker.

Would I do this look everyday??? Probably not. But it sure was fun to experiment and would be great for a special night out with the girls. Not sure that you can pull it off? Check out InStyle's spotlight on graphic liner that features much more wearable looks.

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  1. Oh my gosh this looks amazing. You are awesome. I love it!