Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ginnifer Goodwin

So, I came across this cool pic of Ginnifer Goodwin and I am totally digging her use of bold color on the eyes! Such a great combination with her green shirt (which I probably never would have put together BTW). It totally fits her spunky hair style and color.

I immediately wanted to try the look on myself. So an hour and 20 pictures later, I finally took a photo that I could post and not cringe:). This is a such a new departure for me to be on videos and posting my photo is taking me a bit to adjust. Plus, it is difficult to take photos of yourself. Thank you to the iPhone 4 that has the dual that phone:). Anyway...this is how it turned out.

Get the look with Mirabella's Haute and Kristique Eye Colours, Pure Finish Illuminate, Glowing Blush Colour Duo, Shy Lip Lustre Liner, and Allure Colour Shine lip gloss.

It was totally fun to try something new...but I am wishing I had brown eyes and cute spiky hair to complete the look (at least for today that is).

Be bold...try something new! I want to see your pic!!!


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