Monday, September 19, 2011

Hey, there! The past week I have been working on a huge project for our fall classes that are being taught by our lovely educators at trade shows and in stores nationwide. Suffice it to say that I thoroughly combed through the September issue of every fashion/beauty magazine on the rack! HUGE much advertising is totally crazy!!! Throughout my search, two different ad campaigns really caught my eye. And I wanted to share them with you:). First, St. John created a FANTASTIC ad campaign with Kate Winslet. It totally speaks to me...

I love the extra touch at the bottom "Starring Kate Winslet". Perfect. And finally...this Chanel bag is a total LUST for me! I want it!! Ha..ha!

Needless to say...I totally stopped in my hunt when I saw both ads! So classy! What say you? Do you agree with me?

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