Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bright Eyeshadow

This week I have been all wrapped up in color..color and more COLOR! It is so vibrant...a great pick me up on what started to be a cloudy gloomy day. The color blocking trend is all over the fashion world...but it has also been showing up in makeup and it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I have been working on a new cosmetic line idea that is focused completely on color, so I have been evaluating powder formulas galore for eyeshadows and blushes. Today I finally tried a formula that is super fun and cool! Wahoo:). There are so many eyeshadow/blush formulas that are really just so so. I LOVE the feeling of trying a new formula that actually makes me pause and get super excited. Today I wanted to be bold and daring, so I picked a super intense red/orange shade to try out new a look.

I will admit that I panicked slightly when I actually put in on my eye. One swipe was like paint, so I had to take a deep breath. Once I covered my lid with the crazy intense color, I begin selecting shades that would bring it back to reality:). I chose a mix of Woodstock and Cultured Eye Colour in the crease with Sorbet as a highlight under the brow. I lined underneath my eye with Seduce Eye Colour and then drew a thin line of Magic Marker Eye liner on top from the middle to the outer edge. Then I covered it with Fortune Eye Colour. I actually think that a shade that is more emerald green than Fortune would be even prettier.

It is difficult to know which type of blush you should wear when trying such powerful eyes, but I ended up mixing the highlight shades of Merry and Radiant Blush Colour Duos. I blended that really well and then added the contour shade of Merry as a pop of color on the apples of my cheeks. I used Pure Finish Illuminate to blend and perfect my skin.

And finally, the lips...I was so excited to use one of our brand new Colour Luxe lip glosses called Flare that will launch in stores in April. So pretty!

Here are the mug shots from the look.

Don't be afraid. Strong color can be so much fun and really helps to make your day brighter and definitely more interesting.

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