Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hunger Games - Girl on Fire

Ok, I am a HUGE fan of The Hunger Games and cannot WAIT for the movie to debut on March 23rd!!! I am a big sucker for fiction, and I picked up on this book a couple of years ago...meaning that I had to wait FOREVER for the release of the sequels Catching Fire and Mockingjay. I remember being on a family vacation with my nose in a book...which totally annoyed my sister. She was like "quit reading, we never get to see you", which is totally true. BUT, I just couldn't put it down...

And now I have to say that the producers of the film better get it right! Hahaa:). They better read my imagination and make everything absolutely perfect!

We all can hope, right?

A few weeks back, John and I were having a conversation about PR and advertising and both of us really felt like social media is just the way to go. The conversation came up because we were contemplating placing a standing ad in a beauty magazine. Someone had called me to offer discounted rates on magazines such as Allure, Instyle, Redbook, etc. For 1/3 page ad in a single issue, it cost over $10,000! And that is a discounted rate. As much as I love beauty magazines and have dreamed of seeing a Mirabella ad in one, I almost choked thinking about spending that kind of money to advertise when our ad would be so small it was almost non-existent. So the conversation turned to social media and how it is a much more effective way to spend money. John asked me what the next big thing was coming up and I immediately thought of The Hunger Games. And that is where my job gets interesting...John challenged our team to come up with something fun surrounding The Hunger Games. And my imagination started churning...I remembered being totally enthralled with the descriptions of how Cinna makes over Katniss Everdeen at The Capitol. I grabbed my book to refresh the details and then had a week to recreate those details on film. ONE WEEK to pull everything together! So fast...

I immediately started making a list...hairstylist, tattoo artist, makeup artist, an awesome fire looking dress, nail polish...all the little details that really put a complete look together. The filming was scheduled on my birthday, and I was running around like a crazy woman that week:)! The extra year on my age really just faded into the craziness of my life working for Mirabella. And add to my stress, the dress we ordered online didn't show up until we were ready to film! The night before I found myself at my local mall looking for anything that might save me. Thank you BCBG Max Azria! They came through with several fabulous red dresses. Big sigh:)! So with that being said, check out the video that we came up with.

To go along with this video, we are running an amazing contest. Simply click here to enter to win a trip to Hollywood to see The Hunger Games on opening night. 2 nights stay for two in LA. Includes airfare, hotel and transportation.

So my job didn't end with the filming. As Jasmine Dashtizad, Mirabella National Trainer, designed the Girl on Fire look on our lovely model Zafir...I was on the sidelines coloring face charts that will help our fans recreate the look at home. Creating face charts is one of my favorite things and can be really relaxing...if I am not on set in a complete rush:). I think it turned out pretty fantastic.

And just for fun...I had to try Jasmine's fabulous look on myself. I really loved it! Take a look...

So, now I want to see your inner Girl on Fire:). Submit a photo of your look inspired by The Capitol to our contest tab on Facebook and you could win a Mirabella Pro Box!



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