Friday, June 24, 2011

Why M.A.C Cosmetics is a leader...

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As I mentioned in my previous post, Jamie and I had the AMAZING opportunity to listen to Nick Gavrelis, VP Global Product Development for M.A.C Cosmetics, review their past collections and give insight as to why M.A.C Cosmetics is such a leader in the cosmetic industry.  The entire M.A.C Product Development Team was there to show support.  It was so incredible to be in the same room with them as an amazing example of creating beautiful and exciting products.

In the past year, M.A.C. has launched a total of 52 collections!!!!!!!  I cannot even fathom that number...52. OMG!  That is all I can say.  ONE PER FREAKING WEEK!  Astounding, unimaginable, completely crazy...

Personally I feel like the quality is hit and miss, but their marketing is fantastic!  They will launch something completely fabulous and follow it with something mediocre.  BUT...I guess they can do that when they have a cult following.  However, Nick went through many collections that have been truly amazing.  Let me just say that I still use my Hello Kitty Too Dolly eyeshadow palette.  It was the inspiration behind the creation of Pretty Edgy and Haute Eye Colour that just launched recently.  The shades made it to my top ten, so Mirabella had to have them.  I decided to make them in a mineral formula which increases the payoff for even more stellar application.  What do you think of these great shades?

And I cannot forget to mention the M.A.C Liberty of London Collection.  This one completely speaks to me.  I love how they partnered with the fashion house to reinvigorate an iconic print.  Check out this interview found on the Makeup Stash! blog with James Gager on Liberty of London.  I love the attention to detail that is so M.A.C.

And last but not least...Wonder Women!  While I was not a fan of the formulas used for Wonder Women, the concept was fantastic.  Jamie and I were at the Luxe Pack show over two years ago when we saw the jumbo lip gloss applicator presented by HCP Packaging.  We both loved it!  Usually I get disappointed when I see something that I liked be used by another brand.  This time, I just thought that M.A.C couldn't have found a more perfect theme to use such a fun item.  The jumbo bronzers were awesome too!...although I cannot imagine ever running out of that product:).  Seriously...huge! 
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While Nick's speech ran a little could it not with 52 launches:)...I came away inspired to continue to make sure that Mirabella's products are top notch!  No detail is too small to be obsessed about...

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