Monday, June 27, 2011


Calling all girls that want to have a fresh pop of color on their MUST try our amazing new Blush Colour Duos!!  They launched over a month ago, and I could not be more happy with how the product turned out.  This was a daunting task.  When we expanded our shade range for women of all color, we knew that our Cheek Colour was just not cutting it.  The four shades varied minimally and were flattering on only a few skin tones.  My goals in reformulating were to expand the shade range and clean up the ingredient deck...easier said than done.

I started by shopping other brands to see what they offered in terms of blush.  It was so surprising to see that most companies offer between 10-20 shades, but none of the lines had any color.  A ton of sku's but limited shade ranges.  I immediately realized that I had my work cut out for me because there wasn't a company out there that I felt was doing a fabulous job.  The most difficult part was that I was working with a small space on our display unit.  How could I add more shades when there wasn't any room on the display?  That is when the idea came to launch a blush duo.  This way I could cover all skin tones in a limited amount of space.  When I originally suggested this idea to our sales team, they were very hesitant.  The main feedback was that it was difficult enough to sell a customer one blush, let alone two.  However, the more conversations I had, the more I felt that this was the correct direction.  I always use more than one color or product to finish my cheeks whether it be a bronzer or several shades of blush.  Mix and matching on cheeks is key for me.

Jeremy Matthews, Regional Manager in the Midwest, had previously shown me a palette by Scott Barnes that really inspired him.  It had three chunky square powders in one palette.  I have ALWAYS loved the square pan and was eager to jump on the idea.

I enlisted the help of Jasmine Dashtizad to pick the appropriate shades.  Jasmine is a fabulous makeup artist that has helped us at our last photo shoot as well as in our YouTube videos.  She is a great asset to Mirabella and is always willing to help out.  It was hours of shopping to put together the four duos.  Next came the task of the formula.  This particular mineral formula has been on my radar for years, and I was so excited to finally have a use for it.  It truly is AMAZING!!  Check out the fabulous duo shades below.

And finally, I cannot forget about the shade names.  Whenever I am naming shades, I really try to go by how the products make me feel when I wear them.  So far, Blush Colour Duos has been the most personal product for me.  As I tested the colors, I was so amazed by the bright payoff, that I truly looked a certain emotion whether I felt that way or not.  If I was wearing the pink duo, I looked Merry whether I wanted to or not.  Once I realized this, the shade names were easy.  How do you feel when you wear Blush Colour Duos???

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