Monday, June 27, 2011

NYC...Day 3

Our final day in NYC began with visit with our friends at The Royal Promotion Group.  RPG has been working with us to design our open sell concept...think Sephora and Ulta...for our distributor stores.  They design fixtures for some of the top retailers including Tiffany and Co., Target, Walmart, Loreal, P&G, etc.  We took Ursula's feedback to the RPG team lead by Ellen Friedman who promised to help us create a design that was a little more user friendly.  For those of you that had a chance to view our open sell display prototypes at the spring trade shows (pictured above), you may remember that you almost had to lay on the floor to actually grab a Pure Press to buy :).  Oops!  Definitely, something that needs to be fixed.  Thank goodness for prototypes before you spend thousands of $$$.  BTW...Ellen was wearing the most fabulous agate ring...the shopaholic in me was having a hard time concentrating!  Both Jamie and I left the meeting and immediately commented on the ring..ha..ha!!

Next, we were off to meet with our reps at HCT Packaging.  This is my favorite meeting of the trip because I get the opportunity to meet with the designer directly, Chris Tarling, who really has amazing taste.  I think I like everything he suggests for our brand.  He recently designed our custom hand mirror that will debut at our fall trade shows.  Chris showed us the new innovation from Cosmoprof and from that we were able to come up with two new great packaging concepts.  Our clients have been asking for a smaller reusable eyeshadow palette, so I went to the meeting with that request in mind.  I am so excited about the design we came up with for a Pick 2 Colour Palette!!!  It is going to be AMAZING!  If all works out well, I may consider switching up the Pick 4 and 10 design to match.  We'll see.  It will take at least six months in development...I cannot wait.

One of the things I love about the team at HCT is that they are such fun people!  I swear I laugh constantly from the time I sit down until I head out the door.  We all went to lunch out on the patio of Rockefeller Center at Brasserie Ruhlmann which had AMAZING food.

Just as we were finishing up, the waiter dumped out some water on the ground which started trickling toward one of the girls Louis Vuitton bags.  Ally Deblasio was mid sentence when she noticed the foul liquid getting closer.  She proceeds to reprimand the waiter saying "HEY...Watch it!  That is a Louis!"  I burst out laughing.  Only in Manhattan, right?

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  1. Hey thats the pic I took of the open sale unit at the Denver show! Or maybe it was the Boston show...I cant remember. :)