Monday, June 27, 2011

Blush!...Communicating the Message

Just because I finished a fabulous product did not mean that my work was finished.  The hardest part was to communicate that the average woman needed more than one blush.  My first thought was that we needed to show consumers how to apply blush in just one shade before we could jump into two.  And for that, clients needed to understand their face shape.  I enlisted the talent of Lynda Modaff who illustrates all of our face charts to create a profile face illustration where we could show the application of blush.  Next, Ashlee Erickson, Regional Manager for RDA/State and a fabulous makeup artist, walked through the steps of application for the Classic, Angular, and Full face shapes.

 I really LOVE how these illustrations turned out!!  The final step was to show models that had these face shapes so that the average women could identify which category she fell into.  Again, Ashlee was a great resource in finding the appropriate models.

Finally we created a fun YouTube Blush! tutorial series that show application techniques.  It was such a fun project:).  

What is your face shape?

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