Friday, June 24, 2011

NYC...Day 2

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Following our long day of PR interviews...our schedule became a little brighter!  Off we went to visit with our packaging designer, Ursula Flurer.  I LOVE visiting the offices of Flurer Design just off Broadway near Union Square!

Big sigh...Ursula is such a lovely lady:).  Her style is impeccable and we are so lucky to have her stamp of approval.  She keeps us in line and our designs on brand.  You would never believe the time and thought that goes into every little aspect of a product that is being created.  The package, carton and label all need to flow together to create a complete story.  It is amazing how small adjustments can make such a difference in the overall look and feel of a product.

Recently, I have been working on the design of our open sell display.  This is such an important investment for Mirabella and our distributor stores.  It has been extremely difficult to translate the prestige look and feel of shopping Mirabella into the limited marketable space that the open sell display offers.  Within minutes of taking what we currently have and presenting it to Ursula, she could pinpoint exactly what we were missing.  Such little tweaks that are totally going to make a world of difference.  Ursula tells it like it is.  She isn't afraid to say that something is not working.  I ALWAYS feel so inspired after a productive visit with Ursula.

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Following our time in Union Square, we headed to the Luxe Pack show at the Metropolitan Pavilion and Altman Building.  I always choose this show over HBA because everyone that is in the luxury business attends. I do not have to weed through 100 vendors to find one with prestige capabilities.  However, this year I realized that I have made a big jump in terms of what excites me anymore.  In the past, I was fine with using stock packaging available and customizing silkscreens and sprays to make it unique.  Now I find that my taste is gravitating into custom designs...which means $$$ much to John's chagrin:).  I realized that upcoming innovation isn't showcased at the show for fear of companies stealing ideas.  The real innovation is discussed in private.  This year, however, they ramped up their company presentations.  One in particular, "The New Packaging Paradigm", seemed very interesting.  We were fortunate enough to hear Nick Gavrelis, VP Global Product Development for M.A.C. Cosmetics, speak about why M.A.C is such a leader in the cosmetic industry.  Stay tuned for details!!!

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