Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 2 - New York Fashion Week

We started day 2 of our NYC Fashion Week trip pounding the pavement!! Kandee Johnson, Jamie Richards and I headed out to enjoy the city. My favorite part was standing in Times Square...there is a certain trash can that you can stand by and be seen on the screen up above you. It was funny because you feel like a total idiot at first, but then it becomes so much fun. A guy will wave back at you and the screen will totally zoom in on you if you stay there long enough! We stopped and bought t-shirts for Kandee to sign as giveaway prizes...I swear, she is like a magnet for people. Everyone gravitates toward her. It is a true gift and I loved seeing it in action. Of course, you cannot be in NYC without visiting Magnolia Bakery. We took a break to discuss our thoughts on the Anne Bowen show and stuff our faces with delicious red velvet cupcakes. SO MUCH FUN!!...You can catch some footage of our city tour below:).

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