Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 1 - NYC Fashion Week

Oh my gosh! What a whirlwind today has been. So much fun here in NYC at Fashion Week. We started the day meeting Kandee Johnson over a lovely breakfast at Norma's, a fantastic restaurant in the Parker Meridian Hotel. Her crispy french toast was as big as her head!...I swear. Not to mention fresh squeezed orange juice and shots of smoothie. Norma's is a MUST if you happen go there the next time you are in NYC!!
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Next, we hit the streets to film the following video intro before the Anne Bowen show. I felt so funny being all dressed up with a camera guy following me. Videos always stress me out!!! I do not like to be in the spotlight...but somehow I keep getting roped into these video clips. I swear I have to do 1,000 takes just to get something usable.

Next was the Anne Bowen show. I finally got to meet Brian C. Hawkins, an amazingly talented Mirabella Makeup Artist. We have had so many phone conversations, so it was a pleasure to finally meet him face-to-face. The makeup team he put together was fantastic!! I loved talking with them to get their input into how our cosmetics were performing backstage. Big sigh...when the feedback came back positive:). I put so much time and energy into each product that a positive review always feels really nice!

And I specifically LOVED the makeup look Brian created for Anne Bowen. They used such an unusual combination...and I am someone that loves unusual combinations:-). The team smoked out the eye starting with Bark Eye Colour which is a great deep brown. The interesting part was that they used Ultraviolet Eye Colour to create dimension. In a million years, I would have never thought to use those two shades together!! Ultraviolet is my FAVORITE shade, so now that I can use it to create a smoky eye...just makes it even better! A little blending with Sienna and then Gilded was applied under the brow. SO BEAUTIFUL. And the great thing is that everyone can really actually wear this look.

Anne Bowen's show was so much fun! BEAUTIFUL dresses. It is amazing that so much work goes into something that really only lasts 6-10 minutes! Wow. It all happens so quickly. Check out the video with a recap of our experience at the show.

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