Monday, September 12, 2011

NYFW - Spring 2012 Ivana Helsinki

Ivana Helsinki was definitely a different experience than Anne Bowen. It was higher stress with more action backstage...which is always exciting!! The makeup look was definitely not for every intense tribal theme with black paint on the brows and under the eyes. The designer really wanted to dip the models hands in black paint for the show...and you could tell Brian C. Hawkins had some misgivings about how this would actually work and play out. In the end, you have to conform to the each model dipped their hands in the paint right before they came out on the runway. What a mess!! I can see that it added dramatic effect to the show. The entire venue was white floors and the black paint dripped all over the floor as the models came down the runway. Watch your shoes! Kandee Johnson's boots got a couple of splatters during the show. The black paint drops would then smear across the floor as the other models walked through the paint. The poor cleaning crew:(. Not to mention that several models smeared that awful black paint all over the beautiful clothes. Brian knew this could be a problem, but the designer totally insisted. Wow! It was crazy. Catch the recap video below...

When I first arrived backstage, Brian Hawkins was working on the one and only Jessica White (a Maybelline spokesperson and revered supermodel)!! She was STUNNING! And, it was so fun to hear her tell us about her career. She closed the show and you could tell that she was a higher caliber of model all of the way. Her walk was hands down the best...just the right amount of attitude!

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