Monday, September 12, 2011

Fashion's Night Out

Oh WOW! Fashion's Night Out was so so so much fun!!! Jamie Richards and I hit 5th Avenue in NYC on September 8th to take in the sights and sounds of Fashion's Night Out. Such energy!! It seemed every store had something going on...most especially loud music. We first headed to Saks 5th Avenue and the cosmetic department on the 1st floor was hopping! It was so fun to see everyone getting makeup touch-ups. Such a crowd...Jamie even spotted Naomi Campbell. She was gorgeous!!! I swear she was like a foot taller than everyone there.

We headed to the women's section and there were several activities going on there. We chose to park ourselves in line at the Rebecca Minkoff braid bar. They were weaving leather into fantabulous braids. We waited what seemed like FOREVER (my feet were so hurt after such a long day)!!! In the end, we decided we were much more inclined to spend time on 5th Ave than stuck in line. Lesson #1: Go early to Fashion's Night Out!!! Especially if you actually want to get a service that is being offered.

So we gave up our spot and headed back out on the streets. My sore feet became my sole focus and I had to find comfortable shoes and FAST! Lesson #2: Do not wear any sort of heel to Fashion's Night Out and then stand in a line forever! I finally found some flip flops at GAP. Thank goodness. My mood improved immediately once those flip flops were on my feet. From there we took in several cool sights. Drake, the rapper, was out in front of Versace. As we were trying to get closer to see him in the crowd, we ended up by the store windows. All of sudden we realized there were live models in the window!! It was so cool!

Loved every minute of it! I really hope I get another chance to go again sometime:).

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