Tuesday, May 10, 2011

About Me...

I grew up in Woods Cross, Utah, as the youngest of 5. Lucky meJ . I have three brothers and one sister who would tell you that I had it easy growing up...minimal rules, a credit card in high school, an awesome red Dodge Raider to drive, etc. What I remember most, though, is that I had fabulous friends as a support network and parents who instilled in me a drive to give 110% in everything that I do.

I would have never thought that I would end up working in the beauty industry while I was growing up...I always thought I would be a school teacher or librarian, seriously. BUT, I look back now and realize that there were many things that shaped me into a person that would love luxury goods, beauty, and spending money...the perfect mix for a Creative Director in cosmeticsJ.

I come from a family that boasts many beautiful women, truly. And they all get ready...EVERY DAY. In fact, to this day my parents expect that I get ready, even if I am not leaving the house.  And by getting ready...I mean a full face of makeup, hair styled, and flattering clothes.  Sarah Terpstra (Buyer at Mirabella) will tell you that I dress up even more when I am sick!  In fact, my dad irons his golf shirts to go the gym. My aunts and mom have worn false eyelashes every day my entire life. So, when I talk about wearing lipstick daily...this is not a stretch for some people, or shouldn't be (in my opinion)J.

My mom will tell you that I love anything that shimmers. She swears that my taste runs after my beautiful Grandma Ruth, who at 86 years old goes to the salon weekly and would not have a wrinkle in her fabulous button-up shirts. And I have to agree. My grandma's Christmas trees always inspired me. Now that I have my own place, Christmas is a BIG DEAL! So the day I met Christy Thurston, my life headed toward all things beautiful. She introduced me to wire-edge ribbon whose cut edges must be flamed, pewter dish sets, dinner party etiquette, etc. Small eccentric things, I know. But the attention to detail that it fostered makes me good at creating for Mirabella.

The day before I started at Salt Lake Community College, I changed my schedule and enrolled in cosmetology school...much to my mom's chagrin. During this time, Christy taught me to do makeup artistry in her salon. It was a busy two years, and as I reflect on the experiences, I realize that this gave me a great understanding of color, which has only expanded over time. In fact, I pride myself that I can see undertones of colors very easily. It definitely helps with the endless shade matching that I face day-to-day at my job.

But the real learning curve began five years ago when John Maly partnered with Mirabella. I moved to Valencia to work under super smart businessmen such as John Maly, Mike Seiser, and Ron Hock (the Maly's A-team). I was 23 years old and I remember my first visit to Valencia, CA. I went to lunch with these men, and I have never been as nervous since, really. I did not really understand what I was getting into when I moved from Utah. I went from working under Christy who breathed Mirabella to Mike Seiser who did not want to have anything to do with it. I probably cried more in the next 1-1/2 years than I had my entire life, BUT I learned. And my hard work has paid off. I come to work every day at a job that inspires me. And for that, I am truly blessed.

So now I live in a beautiful apartment complex a few streets away from work in Valencia. My best friend is my roommate, and I take classes at the local community college. Sometimes I wonder why I didn't choose to go to college and just get it over with. At the rate I am going, I will not have a degree until I am 50!!! Rgh!! But then I step foot at Mirabella, and everything becomes clear.


  1. Amber, I feel so cool to know you right now! :) So glad that everthing is going well and that you are happy! Love ya Girl!

  2. hahaha- What you said about gram and the family couldn't be more true!! :)
    I think you are amazing and I LOVE that you have a blog too! I will make sure to have you become a guest blogger on mine!

    LOVE YA!

  3. I am just like that with my makeup/hair/clothes but unlike you my family is NOT at all! So I have always been the black sheep. No big deal for me-I have Mirabella girls to keep me company. :)