Thursday, September 13, 2012

Notes from NYC

There just never seems to be enough time to be everywhere and into everything.  Being a relatively small brand, you have to jump 90 times faster and higher just to play in this game.  I feel like everyone at Mirabella is constantly speeding through life really trying to make something special...and it is very special to me!  We have had so many fun successes in the past couple of months...from our new Pinterest boards, my 15 secs with Mario Lopez on Extra TV, getting a new PR firm, watching the Mirabella Bride vision come to life at our bridal runway show, our rooftop press event featuring the amazing Holiday Escape mini film, the launch of, expansion into 2 new territories in Canada, NYFW backstage with Ivana Helsinki, lunch with Women's Wear Daily...not to mention the SUPER Exciting launch of BRONZED BRILLIANT!!!...and you can see why my summer has flown by!  But it is all part of a day in the beauty life...blink and you will be left behind:).

This week I find myself in NYC for the Makeup in New York show.  An interesting show...not sure how I feel about it...but I started pounding the pavement on Wednesday in my new blue Toms (love feet are still functioning after 3 days on foot) running from one appointment to the next.  September in New York is the best time of year.  Perfect temp and nice sunny weather.  I am staying in Times Square at The Hilton and there is so much energy in this city!

Luckily my usual jet lag was nonexistent (that never happens), so I really hit the road running.  This month I am really focusing on product development.  It has been hard to find the time to really decide what is next for 2013-2014...but I think I got it down. Oh my gosh...everything is going to be AMAZING...I just can't wait!  I find myself really positioning the brand steeped in luxury.  I just can't help it...I LOVE luxury.  The more details the better:).

We got a new PR firm that I am super excited about because they are supporting my dreams of creating unique luxury products that are first to market.  So you will see a lot of innovation coming your way next year.  Super fun, hot colors and textures that are truly transformative.  If you can keep a secret...I will tell you that the lineup may include colored Magic Markers, BB Creme and a ton of new lip products.  And btw...I was just testing a fabulous new lip stain that was simply to die for.  I have been sporting hot pink lips ever since Wednesday morning because I can't get enough of this formula.  It is in the last stability cross you fingers that it will pass and I will bring it to you ASAP!  Hahaa!  I love my job:).

Back to LA tomorrow, but I will have fond memories of this trip.  Working with my favorite people, laughing over lunch at Bar Americain with John and Ally, feeling inspired after talking with Ursula (she has the best taste and can always streamline my ideas and really make them amazingly beautiful), finally getting my favorite dishes 1/2 off from Anthropology after stalking them for 2 years, new Kate Spade pumps 60% off at Nordstrom Rack, catching up with my friend Aimee over milkshakes at Shake Shack, and more.  Now I am only 1-1/2 weeks away from my 1/2 hr segment on Shop NBC!!!  Oh my nervous.  Not sure how I ended being nominated for tv, but it really scares me.  Wish me luck.  It is live on September 26th!



  1. Sounds like a great time! I don't know anyone else who gets as excited as I do about product development except you! So cool to read whats been going on. Can't wait for the new streamlined lip colors. PS hope the new magic marker includes a deep purple and navy-my two faves. :)

  2. Was that the lip stain you were wearing on Wednesday? It was so pretty! Love it and love you! Miss ya already!