Thursday, June 7, 2012

What I've Been Up To!

Obviously not blogging...There are so many exciting things happening at Mirabella I have really been neglecting this fun blog. We have so many new products and awesome launches coming up its been taking every second of my time.

 One of my favorite things to work on was the Mirabella mini-movie we have currently in production. It came together really quickly and we had 3 days to come up with full wardrobe for 2 straight days of filming! I have never worked on film wardrobe before and it is amazing how many things you have to consider. Body type of each model, skin tone, hair color, the scene, the lighting, coordinating but not matching with the other models or actors in the scene. Does the clothing match the feeling of the project? How about hair and makeup, accessories, shoes? Whew it was a lot of going into Anthropologie and Nordstrom and buying so many things and hoping they would work! In the end - I think everything will work out great, but I'd love to have a week next time :)

While they were filming the mini-movie back in California, Jamie Richards our Marketing Manager and I headed out for one of our trips to NYC. We head out to go to the fabulous packaging show Luxe Pack, to see the newest innovation in the packaging world. But its also our chance to meet with all of our vendors, see the latest technology and upcoming cosmetic formulas and get inspired for planning the next year or two for our brand. We accomplished all of that and in our spare time we ATE! Oh my goodness, we definitely ate our way through NYC. On our first day after a few meetings we went to eat at Fred's, the restaurant at Barney's department store with our PR Agency. While we were waiting we saw Joanna Coles! The Editor in Chief of Marie Claire and the mentor of Project Runway All Stars. This may not be a big deal to most people, but Jamie being the Project Runway aholic that she is - was pretty excited!

Jamie's BFF  Joanna Coles (she doesn't know it!) 

This trip I also decided to do a little damage myself and get a few key spring pieces for my wardrobe. The J Crew at Rockefeller really did me in. It was one of those magic shopping days where everything fits and everything looks great. This NEVER happens to me so of course I had to buy it all. Be careful in there ladies, its dangerous. Of course we also made time to eat dessert at Max Brenner, one of our can't miss stops in the city. Talk about dangerous! Other than a few fabulous finds for Mirabella in 2013, the highlight of the trip might have been the bike taxi. We were going to be late to a dinner and the taxi line at our hotel was way too long.. We made the quick decision to jump on a bike taxi. Jamie was so scared, seriously having a heart attack.. And I just laughed at her. We made it to the dinner on time, and felt very New York. One of those things you have to do once right? 

J CREW! My budget buster! 

Max Brenner Dessert - my mouth is still watering!  

The next big project on my plate has been preparing for our bi-annual regional manager meetings. This is where we introduce our regional managers to the upcoming products, plans and do artistry training to show them the best way to use the newest formulations. I love showcasing everything that we've worked so hard to put together, and am always holding my breath and hoping they love it as much as I do. It's our time to get together and discuss what is the best for Mirabella and how we can improve. I always leave refreshed and excited to keep moving on making our line better than ever.

 -- Amber

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