Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Sneak Peak at Colour Luxe lip gloss...

Are you ready to experience the most beautiful, most luxurious lip gloss EVER! I really hope so...because Colour Luxe lip gloss is debuting in a few days nationwide:). Oh my gosh, this project has been a labor of love for over two years!!! Big sigh.

I remember being in a meeting over two years ago with my packaging vendor and telling them that it was time that they AMAZE me with a beautiful lip gloss package. So many lip gloss tubes look the same. Lip gloss is a tricky product because there are so many great options at the drugstore ranging between $5-10. So, how do you go about selling a lip gloss for $36 retail when your packaging options look just the same as mass market brands? In my mind, it just doesn't work. So I had to have the hard conversation with John Maly (owner at Mirabella) explaining just that. On a side you know how uncomfortable it is to ask for a lot of money:)? Especially to a man who is a man through and through...who only thinks in $$$! It was super tough...I had to demonstrate walking past our display and stopping in my tracks to gasp over the lovely new lip gloss...and then I had to get down on my knees and beg! I swear...the things I do for you guys! You all really need to thank me:). Hahaa!!! Totally kidding!

Back to being serious...custom packaging is really not for the faint of heart. Surprisingly, John reached deep into his pockets to make it possible when I showed him in $$ how much you were all going to LOVE it! So the customization process began. Now two years later, Colour Luxe is sporting a custom matte silver cap and shiny silver collar designed to reflect light when opening. The two-tone silver really helps to convey a luxury feeling. We tooled an ALL NEW applicator that is a mix between a brush and doe foot (flocked sponge). It takes the best from both is flexible and paints on like a brush, but it is also a flocked paddle that helps control how much lip gloss is actually deposited on the lips. And now the important part...the colors!

Colour Luxe lip gloss is all about maximum shine with three-dimensional, light-reflecting shimmer. I know I say it every blog, but I LOVE shiny things:). The combination of iridescent and pearlescent pearls create a star-like effect on the lips. It seriously sparkles in the sunlight! Big sigh and smile:). This gloss really reaches a new level of color purity, brightness and dimensionality.

I have a complete arsenal of Chanel lip gloss which has been my go to for awhile. But now, I can honestly say that I like Colour Luxe better. I mean, of course I designed it to actually like it. But I didn't know if it would really appeal to me more than Chanel. It does! The reason is that it gives the high shine sparkle like Chanel, but it isn't as thick on my lips. Sometimes I feel like I need to scrub my lips after a couple of applications of Chanel. Colour Luxe wears off nicely and is so comfortable. Yay! I exceeded my own expectations...which is pretty hard to do:). I am my worst critic! My personal favorite is Wink Colour Luxe. It has a blue pearl in it that lasts for hours. Totally LOVE! A couple of ingredient highlights...

* Contains a custom vitamin complex of A, C and E that provides the ultimate in antioxidant properties

* Patented antiaging peptide restores lip tissue, boosts collagen, keeps lips moisturized and increases volume

* Pomegranate Extract contains antioxidants that protect from free radical damage

* Jojoba Oil leaves lips smooth and conditioned

* Monoi de Tahiti is a rich and emollient oil that penetrates skin quickly and acts as a natural barrier against dehydration

* Paraben-free, Propylene Glycol-free, Gluten-free

Check out our fabulous model, Nina, sporting Blaze Colour Luxe lip gloss!

Nina is wearing Gilded, Bitter Honey and Decor Eye Colour, Twig Eye Definer, Merry Blush Colour Duo and Blaze Colour Luxe lip gloss.

So now that you suffered through this mile long blog...go try Colour Luxe! You will love it:).

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bright Eyeshadow

This week I have been all wrapped up in color..color and more COLOR! It is so vibrant...a great pick me up on what started to be a cloudy gloomy day. The color blocking trend is all over the fashion world...but it has also been showing up in makeup and it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I have been working on a new cosmetic line idea that is focused completely on color, so I have been evaluating powder formulas galore for eyeshadows and blushes. Today I finally tried a formula that is super fun and cool! Wahoo:). There are so many eyeshadow/blush formulas that are really just so so. I LOVE the feeling of trying a new formula that actually makes me pause and get super excited. Today I wanted to be bold and daring, so I picked a super intense red/orange shade to try out new a look.

I will admit that I panicked slightly when I actually put in on my eye. One swipe was like paint, so I had to take a deep breath. Once I covered my lid with the crazy intense color, I begin selecting shades that would bring it back to reality:). I chose a mix of Woodstock and Cultured Eye Colour in the crease with Sorbet as a highlight under the brow. I lined underneath my eye with Seduce Eye Colour and then drew a thin line of Magic Marker Eye liner on top from the middle to the outer edge. Then I covered it with Fortune Eye Colour. I actually think that a shade that is more emerald green than Fortune would be even prettier.

It is difficult to know which type of blush you should wear when trying such powerful eyes, but I ended up mixing the highlight shades of Merry and Radiant Blush Colour Duos. I blended that really well and then added the contour shade of Merry as a pop of color on the apples of my cheeks. I used Pure Finish Illuminate to blend and perfect my skin.

And finally, the lips...I was so excited to use one of our brand new Colour Luxe lip glosses called Flare that will launch in stores in April. So pretty!

Here are the mug shots from the look.

Don't be afraid. Strong color can be so much fun and really helps to make your day brighter and definitely more interesting.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hunger Games - Girl on Fire

Ok, I am a HUGE fan of The Hunger Games and cannot WAIT for the movie to debut on March 23rd!!! I am a big sucker for fiction, and I picked up on this book a couple of years ago...meaning that I had to wait FOREVER for the release of the sequels Catching Fire and Mockingjay. I remember being on a family vacation with my nose in a book...which totally annoyed my sister. She was like "quit reading, we never get to see you", which is totally true. BUT, I just couldn't put it down...

And now I have to say that the producers of the film better get it right! Hahaa:). They better read my imagination and make everything absolutely perfect!

We all can hope, right?

A few weeks back, John and I were having a conversation about PR and advertising and both of us really felt like social media is just the way to go. The conversation came up because we were contemplating placing a standing ad in a beauty magazine. Someone had called me to offer discounted rates on magazines such as Allure, Instyle, Redbook, etc. For 1/3 page ad in a single issue, it cost over $10,000! And that is a discounted rate. As much as I love beauty magazines and have dreamed of seeing a Mirabella ad in one, I almost choked thinking about spending that kind of money to advertise when our ad would be so small it was almost non-existent. So the conversation turned to social media and how it is a much more effective way to spend money. John asked me what the next big thing was coming up and I immediately thought of The Hunger Games. And that is where my job gets interesting...John challenged our team to come up with something fun surrounding The Hunger Games. And my imagination started churning...I remembered being totally enthralled with the descriptions of how Cinna makes over Katniss Everdeen at The Capitol. I grabbed my book to refresh the details and then had a week to recreate those details on film. ONE WEEK to pull everything together! So fast...

I immediately started making a list...hairstylist, tattoo artist, makeup artist, an awesome fire looking dress, nail polish...all the little details that really put a complete look together. The filming was scheduled on my birthday, and I was running around like a crazy woman that week:)! The extra year on my age really just faded into the craziness of my life working for Mirabella. And add to my stress, the dress we ordered online didn't show up until we were ready to film! The night before I found myself at my local mall looking for anything that might save me. Thank you BCBG Max Azria! They came through with several fabulous red dresses. Big sigh:)! So with that being said, check out the video that we came up with.

To go along with this video, we are running an amazing contest. Simply click here to enter to win a trip to Hollywood to see The Hunger Games on opening night. 2 nights stay for two in LA. Includes airfare, hotel and transportation.

So my job didn't end with the filming. As Jasmine Dashtizad, Mirabella National Trainer, designed the Girl on Fire look on our lovely model Zafir...I was on the sidelines coloring face charts that will help our fans recreate the look at home. Creating face charts is one of my favorite things and can be really relaxing...if I am not on set in a complete rush:). I think it turned out pretty fantastic.

And just for fun...I had to try Jasmine's fabulous look on myself. I really loved it! Take a look...

So, now I want to see your inner Girl on Fire:). Submit a photo of your look inspired by The Capitol to our contest tab on Facebook and you could win a Mirabella Pro Box!